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Who hasn’t unwrapped a sandwich while driving down the highway or pulled a hard U-turn into a fast food joint on the way home from a late meeting or running late to watch a cricket match. We love to eat in our cars or carry the food to enjoy at a stop over, so we know you need quick food and we’d like it to be healthy. Under the first vertical of Take away food and restaurant we have setup a centralized kitchen of 1200 sqft in Mundhwa which can cater to about 10 outlets. Our first outlet to go live at main Magarpatta road of about 450 sq ft. Our next in line of take away outlets would be in the areas of Viman Nagar, Koregoan Park, market yard etc. All you working ladies don’t burn over the menu any more just leave it us to dish out that perfect meal. To make it more enjoyable for you we have created a small seating place for 10.

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